Hello! We’re Appetite, a team of senior strategic and creative brand consultants.

We set out to change the world for the better (well, at least a little!), one company and one brand at a time.

We work closely with businesses and people whose aims are high. And help them live and express their brand and their purpose through well-expressed big ideas that touch people.

What’s our appetite?

We have an appetite for big ideas.
Because ideas foster change in people.
And the right ideas can change your world.

We have an appetite for a greater sense of purpose.
Purpose and profit; profit and purpose.
We’re in business, so let’s remember why we’re in business in the first place.

We have an appetite for vivid strategy. 
Brand strategies that breaks the surface and creates waves of connection.

We have an appetite for words and design.
Touching people’s hearts and opening their minds.

Our definition of a successful brand…

a story well told

A good word…

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Drop us a line. We’d love to talk.